At Ceylon Travel Trails, we believe that a lasting holiday experience is made where beautiful places, cultures and people meet with your unique interests. That’s why we specialize in the niche of travel experiences.

Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to unearthing some of the ‘untarnished jewels’ of our gem-Island. We have crafted around these, a variety of tried and tested, privately guided tour programs – which entail escorted tour groups, exquisite beach stays and bespoke tour designing – to align and fit with your interests, schedule, and of course, budget. (We strongly believe that the best experiences should not have to be off limits when traveling on a budget.)

Our first-hand knowledge and experience of Sri Lanka, our attention to detail and our exceptionally attentive in-house experts have lent to us becoming renowned over the years for our authentic and quality experiences, our flexible and customizable tour planning and our genuine concern for customer service.

Not only will we ensure that your experience in Sri Lanka covers the most beautiful must-see places, but we also promise to be with you every step of the way, as you follow the trail of a culture and a people that, for over 2500 years, have called this precious island their home.