One with nature and people

At Ceylon Travel Trails, we recognize and believe strongly in the urgent need for sustainable environmental policies in business, in the wake of the current socio-economic and political climate in both Sri Lanka and the world. We feel it is our responsibility to do our part in making an impact, no matter how small. That’s why we have initiated a clear-cut sustainable tourism strategy by implementing numerous sustainable policies supported by various projects and programs.

Sri Lanka, rich in wildlife and natural resources, is a country of unparalleled beauty. It is also a country that is hugely dependent on tourism. We feel the gravity of our contributions, not only in protecting and preserving the environment, but also in protecting the communities that would benefit hugely from the economic growth propelled by our contributions to the tourism sector. With the current predictions for the number of tourists expected to visit the island in the coming years, we feel now more than ever, the importance of facilitating an atmosphere tourism that does not compromise nature and communities.

our partners

It is estimated that 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world and less than 50% make it to the recycling center and the remaining bottles which are used for less than 30 minutes and last 300 years end up in landfills or pollute waterways. Ceylon Travel Trails partners with TAP (Travelers against plastic) a non-profit USA based organization aiming to promote sustainable travel amongst global travelers and reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the dependency on single use plastic by providing our guests with an aluminum bottle which can be refilled with filtered drinking water from your hotel or refill stations or the water canister in your vehicle.